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... To all our clients, THANK YOU for the opportunity to be of service to you and your pets!  David


Dear David & Pam,  Thank you so much for taking care of Sam while my husband and I were out of town.  We truly appreciate your opening your home to Sam and caring for her while we were away.  It really did make us feel a lot better that she was in a loving home instead of a cage at a kennel.  Thanks again.  Truly, Doug & Dawn S.  Bloomfield Hills

Thank you very much for your dedication in caring for Bosco & Bonnie throughout the year.  Happy Holidays.  Jim & Marguerite D.  Beverly Hills

David, Thank you for taking such good care of our Lucy!  Bev, Melissa & Lucy  Walled Lake

Dear David, We want to thank you for a great year.  Never worrying about our dogs when we're at work has always meant so much.  Thank you for everything.  Karen & Sy C.  W. Bloomfield

David, I appreciate you so much.  You can't put a price on peace of mind!  Susan B.  W. Bloomfield

David, Just a short note to express our thanks for the wonderful care you gave my dog Hoover.  I know he appreciates it as much as we do.  To be able to go on vacation and know that our first "child" is in good hands is very comforting.  Please use us as a reference and we will be using your services again.  Hoover says thanks!  Mark & Julie J.  Commerce

Thanks for everything!  Myna & Alan, Ziggy & Tyler  W. Bloomfield

Dear Pam & David,  Thank you so much for taking such good care of Buzz all year long! Love ya, Sue F. W. Bloomfield

Thanks for all your help with Jazz this year.  Evelyn S.  Bloomfield Twp.

Dear David,  Thanks for caring for Cody so wonderfully!  The K family, W. Bloomfield

Thanks for all my walks and treats.  Jazz, Bloomfield Twp.

Hi David, Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you give our girls.  We go to work with "no worries" since you've continued to be so dependable. Karen & Sy, Pups Roxie & Shayna, W.Bloomfield

Thank you David, Anne, Jessica and the rest of the Pet Sitters crew.  Tal & Patrick and guests, Walled Lake

Dear David, Thank you for taking care of Sara so well.  Lisbeth & Steve, Southfield

David, Thank you for taking such good care of us this year.  Peace & Blessings  Sydney, Bastet, Dan & Cheryl, W. Bloomfield

David, Thank you for taking such great care of me xoxoxo Maddie P.S. And giving my mom "Peace of Mind"
"Maddie", W. Bloomfield

Hope your holidays were great!  Thank you for taking care of my "kids" so I could visit my family.  Melinda L., Commerce

December 6, 2002 Dear David, Thank you for helping us out to give Sophie & Queenie a fuller life!  Love from the D's, Sophie, Queenie & Kay Bella, W. Bloomfield

Dear David & Pam, Thank you for taking such good care of the boys - they miss seeing you all the time! Jackie & Dan B., Bloomfield Twp.

12/6/99  Hi David, Thank you so -o-o much - you are a dog saver as in life-saver!!  I appreciate your prompt response to my emergency. Margie, Franklin

Looking forward to another good year with you and the pups.  Thanks for your care.  Cheryl, Bloomfield Hills

David Gaberman & Pet Sitters Bloomfield

I wanted to let you know that Riley and I are moving to Greenville SC at the end of August.  Thank you so much for all the love and care you provided Riley during my trips.  I feel fortunate to have found you.  We will be searching for another pet sitter once we move. 

Enjoy the enclosed gift card.  Best wishes.  Shayne A. & Riley

Dear David & Dawn, We all send many thanks for your hard work and wonderful care.  Thanks for the royal treatment!  Sincerely, Damon, Otis, Nina, Huxley, Whitley and the fish (oh, and Lauren & Mike), Bloomfield Twp.

Dear David, Kerrie & Kelsie told me they had a nice time while we were on vacation.  Kelsie was very pleased to be in his own home and not with a bunch of barking dogs.  We wanted to thank you too.  The dogs seemed a lot happier.  We'll be in touch.  Thank you.  

Nancy H., Orchard Lake

Thanks for taking me on so many outings!  Jamie (& Michaelynn) Orchard Lake

Thanks for all your help throughout the year!   Barbara & Dora T., W. Bloomfield

Hi Carol,  I think both you and David have brightened Cody & Maxwell's days.  I wish I had given them this break in their days long ago.  Thanks for your help! 

Sue, Farmington Hills.

David, Sorry I forgot in the rush of things to leave a check before I left.  Thank you again for taking such good care of Khan!!  You're a big help even when Edd is home.  I don't feel so guilty.  Thanks, Jane, West Bloomfield

Hi David, You are the best.  I mean it.  I am always at work Monday - Friday as you know.  Does Pam ever work on a Saturday or Sunday?  That's when we walk the dogs.  I hope to meet her.  I know (since she's married to you) she must be a doll. Thank you for always being so dependable and giving the girls great care.  See you Monday.  Have a great weekend.  Karen, West Bloomfield

Dear David:  You did an excellent job, and believe me WE DO KNOW how much work you put in and the love and attention you gave our animals (babies).  Enclosed, please find your check and a $25 tip for a job well done.  There is no price too high for our "Peace of Mind".   You not only took care of our loved ones, but kept the house in immaculate shape. 

Thank you so much David.  If you need recommendations, please do use us.  Nancy K, Commerce


Angel At Home Pet Care, LLC

We are proud to have  hundreds of cards & letters from happy clients over the years.  Testimonials and references you can call are available for your inspection at our free initial consultation! 
Here's a few...

248.891.DOGS (3647) or 248.891.CATS (2287)

Thank you for taking great care of our pups!  We sincerely appreciate it!  The C's  W. Bloomfield

David has been taking care of my dogs for over ten years. He is very reliable and is an expert pet sitter.  I would highly recommend him.  Margo S., Orchard Lake  April 4, 2012

David has provided an invaluable service for me and my dogs.  Angel At Home Pet Care is a great service to have if you don't have time to walk your dogs or if you need a vacation and don't have someone to care for your pets.  David personally interviewed me and my dogs, took notes, and my dogs love him.  He comes every week to walk Hudson, Duke and Lucky while I am at work.  If you need a great flexible pet sitting or walking service, Angel At Home is the one to use.  Alma M., Commerce  April 5, 2012

David is a detail oriented manager who has been providing consistent and compassionate pet care for me for several years.  He is personable and has a special knack for dealing with his charges.  He is able to provide quick assistance in times of emergencies for the pets he deals with (on behalf of their humans).  I would recommend him highly.  Susan S., West Bloomfield  April 12, 2012

Thank you David for displaying the characteristics of a true professional in your job.  With much appreciation  Monique

Thank you for scheduling us in at the last minute.  We appreciate all of the care that you give to Otis & the cats!  Thank you again!  Sincerely, Lauren A. Bloomfield Twp.

David - Thank you so much for taking such great care of Maddie and Buzz.  You make a world of difference.  I don't know what I would do without you!!!  xoxo Susan & Steve W. Bloomfield

Thank you for taking such good care of Sayde.  She is very special to us and it is nice to see her so happy when we come home.  Andrea & Jeremy Ferndale

Dave - Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our pets.  They are all so thankful to have you as their friend.  Doug, Kristie, Spencer, Phoebe, Caulfield, Holden & Allie Commerce Twp.

Dear David, Thank you for taking such great care of Bonnie & Bosco over the past year!  It is truly appreciated.  Jim & Marguerite D

Hey Dave, Thanks for everything.  The girls keep looking for your return.  Looks like they don't need us! LOL!   Cujo and Bobo Pics and Mollie & Maddie say HI!  Mark & Cathy M. Waterford

Happy holidays from Maxie, Sophie, Charlie, George, Mr. Zoey (and all the humans).  Kitty & Dennis D. Bloomfield Twp.

David: See you Monday.  Thanks for all your help.  This is working out perfectly!  I hope it is working for you!  Great peace of mind.  Puppy = zero accidents (so far).  Maria G. Birmingham

"Slurps & licks!"  "Zoe" H" W. Bloomfield

David-  R-Ruff!  Woof!  Arf! Bark! TRANSLATION: Thanks so much for all you do:  Always being reliable, putting up with our barking, leaving us with fresh H2O, Insuring Alec & Rob don't step on me, getting a leash on me when I jump, getting dragged down the street, not giving our mom bad reports, and MOST OF ALL, BEING OUR FRIEND!  Thanks for a safe year - Alec, Robert & Fuzi W. Bloomfield

Dave, Thanks for all your help with Champ!  I'm sure he loves his time with you.  Thanks for all your hard work and caring.  Peggy & John H  W. Bloomfield

Thank you for all you do for "the boys"!  Steve, Debbie, Stacie and Caren S.  W. Bloomfield

"Thanks for everything!"  
"Relax, I'm not going to lick your face or anything!"  Dave - Thanks for fitting us in on short notice.  We really appreciate it.  Dan & Brandy  Wolverine Lake

Thanks for always being thee when I'm traveling.  Karen S.  W. Bloomfield

Thank you for all the fine care of Sammy & Sophie. Thank Carol especially for pointing out the possible health problem with Sammy.  We'll watch him carefully.  Ray & Joann G.

Thanks for all your kindness!  Scrappy

Thanks David - We really appreciate your service!  Our Hogan & Tyler are so happy and so are we!! Thank you. Thank you.  Margie  Troy

David  Thank you for another weekend of your great service.  Our babies were well taken care of and very happy to spend time with you.  Nick and Bear send kisses and Bartles sends a loud purr.  The fishies - well....  It's good to know we can go away and leave the animals in your trusted hands.  Thank you  Steve & Michelle, Waterford

Dear David,  Thank you so much for all the TLC you gave Bailey.  He seemed happier after this vacation than any other.  He is usually mad at us at first but not this time.  We will recommend you to our friends and neighbors.  Beth and Gary  Wolverine Lake

Dear David,  Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lysa.  She gave us a good report on how well you cared for her.  We appreciate it.  I have enclosed a check for $50.00 -- a little extra for the extra care you took with Lysa....  Again, Lillian and I thank you.  We look forward to other opportunities of working with you.  Sincerely, Don B.  West. Bloomfield

David, Thanks for taking such good care of Zoey and for the fun notes that make me chuckle when I get home from work.  I appreciate your being so flexible with your schedule.  Carol, Kevin, Zoey & Nala  Orchard Lake

We're so glad we found you this year!  Here's a little extra for your stocking.  Suzi, Barkley & crew  Bloomfield Hills

David, Thank you so much for taking such good care of us!!  We love you,  Maxx and Grand (Mike & Judy L.)  W. Bloomfield

Dear David, We thank you for taking such good care of our animals!  We appreciate everything you do!  Lauren A and Michael W, Bloomfield Twp.

Dog sitters are the nicest people!  Thanks for all your TLC.  Doug, Kristie, Spencer, Phoebe, Caulfield & Holden  Commerce

Thanks for another year of walks and treats. I'll call you in January when I know my schedule.  Brenda & Keeper  W. Bloomfield

Dear Dave,  Thanks again for taking good care of our pets.  Please don't be offended, but I added $20 to your invoice.  By all means, please feel free to use us as a reference.  We are satisfied customers.  Regards,  Harry  Orchard Lake